Jamie Valentine

Cruelty Party11

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Jamie Valentine is a woman so used to getting what she wants whenever she wants it. If she wants to have a great fucking time with you, you know you won’t be able to resist her calling. Her voluptuous body with those huge knockers will make any man want to come and bend her over. But her friends won’t always let her have the fun – at least not before they get a shared taste of their man. Three of Jamie’s friends punish her for being such a sexy slut by having a huge cock all to themselves while she anxiously watches from behind. You’d have to watch and see if she can manage to stir the cock in her pussy’s favor.

Madison Ivy

Cruelty Party10

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Madison Ivy knows she is in for a wild ride as three of her sexiest bitch friends treat her to a cock-sucking, pussy-drilling fuck fest. They invite a man over to take care of her wet pussy after they have played with it extensively. They enjoy getting her nipples to stand at attention with the feel of their skin and have her moaning for more of their teasing antics. Madison Ivy gets drilled while hanging on to the side of a sofa with no hope of escaping this cruel and nasty ordeal – not that she really wants to skip any of it. She has no choice but to succumb to their collective desire to have every inch of her.

Rebecca Linares

Cruelty Party9

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Rebecca Linares is sure she has experienced anything and everything when it comes to sex, but she is not quite prepared for this ordeal. Three equally beautiful women pounce on her bod as if wanting to get first dibs on her big knockers, wet pussy and bouncy ass. They punish her with every touch as goosebumps fill her skin but that won’t be the end of her hot day. They treat her to a huge dick when they feel she is ready to take all of it. The look on Rebecca Linares’ eyes scream ecstasy as four sets of hands caress every bit of her while a huge dick is making her come over and over and over again.

Cathy Heaven

Cruelty Party8

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Cathy Heaven was just enjoying a regular night out with her girlfriends when they all suddenly feel their longing for a huge cock. The tingling sensation in their pussies won’t wait until tomorrow and they know that the sooner they get their fix on a man’s cock, the sooner their desires would be fulfilled. Cathy and the girls found a taker and just decided to share his big dick with which he instantaneously agreed to of course. Who would say no to Cathy Heaven and her gorgeous eyes or her big breasts? Or her throbbing wet pussy? Plus, she is not alone. She and her friends can give a man more than his cock could ever handle.

Kasey Chase

Cruelty Party7

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Kasey Chase is the epitome of simply gorgeous. She may not have really big knockers but she clearly knows how to work with what she has. And her face is a face fit for angel only with a wilder and kinkier appeal to it. She enjoys getting naked and showing off her best assets to both men and women alike. She loves to show her amazing talent in giving blowjobs that would keep men coming back for more. But this party will not be complete without her performing for an audience, letting her man control her from head to foot, stopping indefinitely to pound her mouth or her pretty pink pussy.


Cruelty Party6

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If you love a good handjob then this is the one for you. Two bombshell friends decide to treat their men to a good time by showing them that their hands are just as good as their mouth or pussy. This equally gorgeous blonde and brunette twosome get into action by teasing their men, kissing and licking each other while they anxiously watch. Their cocks stand instantly at attention by the sight of them kissing and the girls reward them with handjobs they won’t soon forget. These two friends won’t stop until they get what they are wanting – the hot and sticky cum of their men.


Cruelty Party5

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What would be better than a killer handjob? A killer blowjob is going to do the trick. These men are lucky to have been in the hands of these two brunette bombshells ‘cause they can suck and lick a cock like there is no tomorrow. The non-stop tongue action and deep throating by these two are enough to push a man over the edge of satisfaction. Blowjobs so amazing they would want to finish it right inside the girls’ mouths but a good fucking would be a great addition too. Let’s see if these babes let them get a hold of their pussies or just finish them off with mind-blowing blowjobs of the century.


Cruelty Party4

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Three is a crowd they say but never too much if you’re looking for a fuck fest. A man is lucky to be with two equally gorgeous babes at one time, both naked and wanting to have a taste of his cock. They know well how to tease a man with their assets as they flaunt their hooters and round asses and clits right in their lucky man’s face. They offer him their bodies in exchange for his services in licking and pounding their pussies. His cock has more than he can handle so he uses his tongue to pleasure one lady as he drills another with his hard throbbing cock.

Lizz and Friends

Cruelty Party3

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Lizz and her friends always enjoy a night out in town. They don’t usually go hunting for a cock to suck but when one comes close and offers his own, these girls will never pass the chance. Four women against one man and it is indeed a cruel party – cruel yet nasty, that is. His cock gets hard as wood from all the hands rubbing it and his eyes get filled with the images of knockers after knockers on these sexy ladies. One man won’t even know where to start putting his hands on. Good thing he has all night to enjoy these ladies who so willingly offered their worldly bodies to him.


Cruelty Party2

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An orgy consisting of one guy and three girls is nothing short of an amazing ride, mostly for the man of course. His cock will get all the pussy it wants to drill into in one heck of a session. And the thought of three gorgeous women with their hands all over him and each other is such a feast for any man’s eyes. Having the women so willing to pleasure each other for the viewing pleasure of a man is like a dream come true that every man would never pass on this kind of opportunity if given the chance.